EMS Training

Suits & Technology

What is EMStyle?

EMStyle is a highly efficient EMS(Electro Muscle Stimulation) training system featuring cable free full body suits.

The EMStyle full body suits are lightweight and allow for full freedom of movement. They are equipped with electrodes in eight different areas. EMStyle can be used for both gym and home training.

What do I need?

During gym trainings, customers wear an EMStyle suit coming with a hub and a personal controller in the shape of a small smartphone.

The trainer operates the EMStyle software installed on a laptop, allowing him to oversee and coordinate the training of up to 20 participants.

All EMStyle suits are machine washable between uses and hygienically worry-free.

How does it work?

Via stretchable wires an internet hub attached to each EMStyle suit sends signals to the electrodes and causes a stimulation of the muscles. The hub can be addressed through the software installed on both the laptop used by the trainer and the individual smartphone controller carried by each participant.

The intensity of the muscle stimulation can be adjusted for each of the eight body zones independently. Control over the system and the stimulation can be passed from trainer to participant and back at any given time. Users can train by themselves using the controllers only.

What are the use cases?

EMStyle offers gyms the opportunity to train groups instead of individuals and create additional programs that attract customers and maximise profits.

EMStyle can be used for

  • Regular EMS training at the gym
  • Combination with other than EMS gym workouts such as problem zone training or yoga to enhance the effectivity
  • Home training offered by EMS gyms
  • Individual EMS training
  • Combination with indvidual fitness programs such as yoga, boxing, or cycling