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Camera Signal Processing Solution

Making the Invisible Visible!

Camera signal processing intelligence capable of visualizing images that could not be visible with conventional cameras

Sharp Display Image of Dark and Unclear Condition

Improve black defects with suppressing halation to visualize dark and unclear portion

Enable to adjust parameters automatically according to the environment to be imaged

Key technology is


(Advanced Dynamic Range Control)

Visualize even in Pitch-Black Condition

Output combined visible light color and infrared light image through single sensor having both visible sensitivity and near infrared sensitivity.

Key technology is


(Near-Infrared + RGB)

Clearly display Image with Large Contrast Difference

Simultaneous imaging of bright portion and dark portion

Key technology is


(Wide Dynamic Range)

Applicable to Various Fields

Capable to apply to various type of fields utilizing camera image

for Everyone Processing Camera Images

Provide camera signal processing intelligence as elemental IP, so

Easily take these values into your products and systems 

Camera Signal Processing Solution

Offer all customers total support for product and system development based on our highly sophisticated FPGA and ASIC* technologies

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