Motion Capturing

Suits & Technology

What is MEVA?

MEVA stands for Motion Evaluation
and is smart apparel for precise motion capturing.

Thin IMU sensors and stretchable wires attached to the garments allow for full freedom of movement and high quality camera-free tracking.

All garments are extremely comfortable to wear and can be washed between uses.

What do I need?

MEVA smart garments covering the part of the body that is to be tracked,  a PC with pre-installed MEVA software and a bluetooth hub for data transmission are the items needed. The system can be set-up in a minute and requires no special training.
MEVA garments include:

  • 7-sensor pants (available)
  • 10-sensor shirt (from autumn 2020)
  • 1-sensor-headband (from autumn 2020)

How does it work?

MEVA pants collect the wearer’s motion data in real time through integrated 9-axis IMU sensors.

Stretchable wires transfer the signals to a hub. From there, all collected data are wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth and can be accessed as a 3D bone model, display graph and as CSV or BVH files.

An algorithm developed by the Technical University Kaiserslautern provides the option to switch to a magnetometer-free 6-axis mode.

What are the use cases?

MEVA can be used for motion tacking in any area:

  • Gait Analysis
  • Bio Mechanics
  • Sport and Fitness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Care of Elderly
  • Animation