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RYODEN is a member of the Mitsubishi Electric Group and one of the largest electronics system integrators in Japan.
RYODEN Group supports the development and production of more than 2,000 customers with 1,300 sales and engineers in Japan and 21 locations around the world.

Ryosho Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of RYODEN, located in Frankfurt, and offers two services: market development and distribution in the EU and Japan.

Ryosho has partnerships with both European manufacturers looking to enter the Japanese market and Japanese manufacturers looking to expand their sales in Europe.

Global networks.
Global Solutions.

Together with strategic partners.


Tokyo, Japan

EU Location:

Frankfurt/Main, Germany


36 Locations in Japan

9 Locations in East Asia

4 Locations in Southeast Asia

5 Locations in North America

1 Location in Europe

More than 1300 employees


Ryosho World Mappin

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Ryoden Japan

Ryosho Europe


Pescle : Pest Control System

Professional pest control services using special cameras and AI on crowd. The full service has been launched in Japan and>>

The ultimate IoT platform!

Ryoden corporation in AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas! Ryoden corporation joined the Amazon Web Services re:Invent exhibition in Las Vegas>>

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