Xenoma Inc.

Ready to use in only 30 seconds

MEVA can be used anytime, anywhere, with no camera required. 7 IMUs are mounted on the garment for the lower-body version and 18 IMUs for the full-body version, allowing measurement to begin within 30 seconds. eskin MEVA has the same accuracy as gold standard optical motion capture systems,
including highly sensitive detection of internal and external rotational movement of the limbs

E-skin MEVA Features

TypeMen’s and Women’s
Composition80% polyester, 20% spandex
WashableMore than 100 wash cycles based on ISO 6330 4N-A standards
DurableMore than 10,000 stretches at a 50% strain rate
ComfortableFits and feels like a typical compression shirt


MEVA comes with

  • a dedicated PC on which the MEVA software is pre-installed
  • a hub which is attached allows the MEVA shirt and / or pants and allows Bluetooth data transmission to the dedicated PC

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Xenoma is the first company to develop Printed Circuit Fabric (PCF)

PCF created by Xenoma’s unique materials and manufacturing processes can have stretchable
wires and sensors integrated onto traditional textiles. Together, this enables e-skin MEVA wearable
circuits to withstand high-strain rates when subjected to the user’s repeated and extreme
movements including putting on and taking off the apparel. PCF can also integrate devices
such as temperature sensors, accelerometer, ECG, EMG and SpO2 sensors as well as haptics and
actuators into one shirt.

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