Smart Agri

RYODEN contributes to a sustainable agriculture society through next-generation agricultural services.
“Smart Agriculture Platform” by RYODEN makes your plant factory come true.

Point 01

Business consulting

Business income and expenditure, planning, subsidies, basic design, R&D facilities, etc.
Comprehensive consulting services.

Analysis services linked to data-driven agriculture are also being prepared.

Business consulting

Point 02

H/W development Construction engineering

Construction of energy-saving next-generation plant factories using our own technology

Manufacture and sale of our original LED lighting for cultivation, labor-saving equipment and specialized secondary materials.

Smart Agri

Point 03

IoT system for plant factories

“Remces for Smart-agri”.

  1. Accumulation of cultivation environment and EMS data.
  2. Management to improve operational efficiency.
  3. Trend analysis of acquired data and review of operating methods
  4. Energy saving control
  5. Linkage with SCM cloud ERP system (under preparation for development).
IoT system for plant factories

Point 04

Vegetable Production (Operation system)

We provide cultivation models and know-how developed at our own plant “BlockFARM ,Numazu”
(3 tons/day).

Cultivation models Education systems

Cultivation models, management and operational know-how and education systems are proposed based on the accumulated knowledge of the production business.

Point 05

Research and development

Plant factory vegetables R&D facilities

The Next Generation Agricultural Development Centre and 19 containerized plant factories for research and development (19 units) are located on the BlockFARM site.
We are engaged in research and development in the field of biochemistry and next-generation cultivation systems (including food tech).
Joint research and contracted development with external companies are also available.

19 containerized plant factories on the Block FARM

Point 06

Sales and distribution channels

“Farmship”, the largest distributor of factory vegetables, is now an associated company.
Has a number of sales channels as an outlet for new investment.

Sales and distribution channels

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